Still here!

Got lots of things I want to accomplish for this site, but it’s very time consuming to be an adult so it’s hard to actually find time to get things done here. I’m also taking a semi-hiatus from social media, and I don’t really feel too inclined to be online all that much lately.

Main thing is I do want to set up my gallery eventually, at least commissioned works and such. I also need to build a different site elsewhere, and, honestly, that one is more time sensitive.

Grendel Prime Access Giveaway!

Ever since I became an official Warframe Creator I have been doing most of my Prime Access giveaway on Twitter. Because I am unhappy with the decline of social media experience and I wish to reach out to community members outside of Twitter, I’m changing how I’m doing giveaways.

This is our first time trying this method of giveaway. It’s mandatory that you log in (despite what the form says, you don’t need to use your real name) and you answer the question what’s your in game name and platform. Only the winner’s info will be sent to Digital Extremes. Again, for sake of privacy, for everyone else your information will not be collected or given to any third party.

Good luck!

Welcome to Studio Cyen

It’s been way too long since I updated my site, but with the downfall of a certain social media platform and platforms more than willing to steal our data, I figure it’s time to get back to basic.