Welcome to Studio Cyen~ My home on the internet. Here you can find a collection of artwork by me.

This site is still a work in progress. One item on the list of to do is to move this site to my main domain instead of letting it sit in subdomain.


I am a Taiwanese-American who is interested in a variety of subjects. I’m a jack of all trades both in life and art. I am formally trained in biology and archaeology, and I am a self-trained freelanced artist.

I am a versatile artist who works in different media (traditional, digital, and mixed), formats (from Twitch/Discord emotes to merch designs), and styles (chibi to realism). I have been commissioned by individuals as well as companies. I have worked with Digital Extremes on numerous occasions to produce an assortment of artworks and designs suitable to their specs and requirements. I have also worked with For Fans By Fans to create designs for officially licensed Warframe merchandises. My long association with Warframe, as player/fan and later official Creator, is reflected in the art I’ve produced, but I can draw other subjects.

I am an official Warframe Creator since August 2020 and a Twitch affiliate since December 2020.

My art is inspired by many, but my ALL-TIME favorite artist is my grandpa 顏水龍 (Yen Shui-Long).

Want to know more about me or my work? Feel free to poke around this site, check out various social media pages, or contact me.


Still here!

Got lots of things I want to accomplish for this site, but it’s very time consuming to be an adult so it’s hard to actually find time to get things done here. I’m also taking a semi-hiatus from social media, and I don’t really feel too inclined to be online all that much lately. Main …

Welcome to Studio Cyen

It’s been way too long since I updated my site, but with the downfall of a certain social media platform and platforms more than willing to steal our data, I figure it’s time to get back to basic.


I’m still trying to set up a proper contact form, but you can email me at inquiry@studiocyen.net if you want to contact me.