I am a Taiwanese-American who is interested in a variety of subjects. I’m a jack of all trades both in life and art. I am formally trained in biology and archaeology, and I am a self-trained freelanced artist.

I am a versatile artist who works in different media (traditional, digital, and mixed), formats (from Twitch/Discord emotes to merch designs), and styles (chibi to realism). I have been commissioned by individuals as well as companies. I have worked with Digital Extremes on numerous occasions to produce an assortment of artworks and designs suitable to their specs and requirements. I have also worked with For Fans By Fans to create designs for officially licensed Warframe merchandises. My long association with Warframe, as player/fan and later official Creator, is reflected in the art I’ve produced, but I can draw other subjects.

I am an official Warframe Creator since August 2020 and a Twitch affiliate since December 2020.

My art is inspired by many, but my ALL-TIME favorite artist is my grandpa 顏水龍 (Yen Shui-Long).

Want to know more about me or my work? Feel free to poke around this site, check out various social media pages, or contact me.